About Ha’Mavoch (The Maze)

Ha’Mavoch (The Maze) is a publisher for children’s books, as well as middle grade and YA literature.

It was established in 2021 by Rinat Primo, who spent 12 years as chief editor of children’s, middle grade and YA books for Yedioth Books (Miskal), one of the top 3 publishing houses in Israel. She is also a best-selling children’s and MG author.

Ha’Mavoch Publishing aspires to promote reading culture among children of different ages. We understand that the twenty-first century offers much in the way of stimuli and temptations, and believe that now more than ever, children need the tools to enrich their inner worlds that only books can provide.

We strive to provide original literature by local authors, as well as high quality translations of world children’s literature, with an emphasis on cultural diversity.

Ha’Mavoch’s website offers children a variety of short stories, activities and fun challenges. It’s enjoyed by many Hebrew-speaking families, both in Israel and worldwide.

Ha’Mavoch works with the finest professionals in the field, including successful authors, award-winning illustrations, experienced graphic designers and more.

Each of Ha’Mavoch’s books is carefully crafted to fit the highest of standards, and we currently have numerous exciting projects in development for Hebrew-speaking children of various ages.

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