Ha’Mavoch’s books

On One Foot

By: Rinat Primo.
Illustration: Yael Albert.
Graphic design: Michal Magen.

Published April 2022 in over 140,000 copies, in collaboration with PJ Library.

The Common Reed and the Cedar

By: Shirley Yuval-Yair.
Illustration: Menahem Halberstadt.
Graphic design: Yael Michaelson.

Published in 2022 in 60,000 copies, in collaboration with PJ Library.

Up and Over

By: Don Futterman.
Illustration & graphic design: Orit Magia Shulab.

Published in 2022 in more than 140,00 copies, in collaboration with PJ Library.

Things I Have to Say

By: Rinat Primo.
Illustration: Reut Bortz.
Graphic design: Studio Gala & Michal Magen.

Sold in Israel’s leading bookstores.

The Farm

Children’s magazine.
By: Rinat Primo.
Illustration & design: Orit Magia Shulab.

In collaboration with Freedom Farm Sanctuary.

Ha’Mavoch publishing also sees books through the production process, from editing to print.
Books produced by Ha’Mavoch include:

The Magnificent Potion

By: Yuval Abramovitz.
Illustration: Aviel Basil.
Graphic design: Yael Michaelson.

Around the World in Eighty Days

By: Jules Verne.
Translation: Ira Yoshpa.
Illustration: Yaniv Shimoni.

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